Saturday, April 16, 2011

Environments: Command Deck

Working on developing a series of environments from various stories that I have created over recent years. Going for more of a simplified style instead of my usual overly detailed one.

This is the main command deck of McCaide's space ship. His character is a tinkerer and is always looking for new a interesting technologies to integrate into is one ship. Which is why I wanted his ship to have a work in progress kind of feel. I'll go back and add more welded in plates and bolts from previous upgrades. His command chair will be another addition, but since it hovers around the room I figured it wasn't important.

 An older piece I did of McCaide piloting his ship in a fight. One of the features of the command deck is a full 360 degree display of the space out side the ship. This can make the room seem much bigger than it actually is.

This was to be in the ship as well, but I hadn't decided in the over all design of the ship yet.  I intend do do a full blue print of the ship. The creature that has broken on to the ship is an Unmenisch male. They come from a dark planet, hence the bio-luminescent lights that they have in their huge antlers, and spines and their bio-luminescent eyes. Generally just giant brutes. They stand about four feet over a human at full height. More on them to come.