Sunday, June 19, 2011

Older Art

Haven't been able to do a lot of art recently, but soon I will be diving back into rebuilding my portfolio full time. Thought I would put up some of the art I've done over the past year or so that hasn't made it to this blog. 
Ares OKeeffe was happily relaxing with friends, playing music and having a few drinks. It was great until he heard is named being yelled from the end of the driveway, mom had dropped in. I messed up on angle of the beer in the bottle, I'd like to go back and fix that when I have the time.

Felt like drawing a classic truck and this was the result. It was a lot easier then I had though it would be. 

A marker and colored pencil painting I did on the cover of my sketchbook. 
Development for an alien species that my characters McCaide and Gavin stumble across. 
From a much older story idea, this is Roland in a mech suit that he had built to fight crime... sounds a little batman like, but it's not. Probably one of the last paintings I did in photoshop. 
A commission I did for my friend Terri of her two characters have a drunken conversation about the girl that got away. 

This painting is actually about three years old, but I still like how it came out. 

So here's hoping that you will be seeing a lot more new art from me soon.

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